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Google Phases Out Covid-Era Home Activity Rich Results



Google Phases Out Covid-Era Home Activity Rich Results

Google has officially phased out the Covid-era Home Activity rich results, which previously surfaced information about online events and classes. This structured data feature, introduced in August 2020, enabled online events to be discoverable through Google Search. The removal of this feature has been documented in Google's search documentation changelog.

Overview of Home Activities Rich Results

The Home Activities rich results structured data allowed providers to make their online live streams, pre-recorded events, and other online activities easily findable on Google Search. This feature was especially valuable during the quarantine period, enabling users to find online classes, events, and activities to engage in from home. The results typically included detailed information such as how to watch the event, descriptions of the activities, and registration details.

Removal of Home Activity Structured Data

Google has removed the original documentation for Home Activities rich results from its Search Central webpages. The content now redirects to a changelog notation explaining the discontinuation of the feature. The removal marks the end of Google's efforts to surface this specific type of structured data in search results.

Impact on Publishers and Businesses

Publishers and businesses using Event or Video structured data for their online events should note that while these rich results are no longer available, the structured data itself does not need to be removed. Publishing structured data that is no longer utilized for rich results will not harm the website's SEO or search visibility.

Official Statement from Google

Google’s documentation changelog states the following regarding the removal:

  • What: Removal of documentation on home activity structured data.
  • Why: The home activity feature no longer appears in Google Search results.

Historical Context and Further Reading

For those interested in the historical context of the Home Activities rich results, Google initially announced this feature in 2020 as a response to the increased demand for online activities during the global lockdown. The original announcement and further details can be accessed via the Wayback Machine’s archive of Google’s announcement from 2020.


The phasing out of the Home Activities rich results marks a significant shift in Google's handling of structured data related to online events and activities. While the feature was instrumental during the Covid-19 pandemic in helping users find online activities, its removal reflects the changing landscape of online search behavior and the evolving priorities of Google's search algorithms. Publishers and businesses should stay informed about these changes and adapt their SEO strategies accordingly to maintain optimal search visibility.

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